About Moderne Kjøling (in English)

A short presentation of Moderne Kjøling's history in English.

Founded in 1946
The company Moderne Kjøling was founded in 1946 by Sigurd Akre-Aas. Sigurd had been into refrigeration since the beginning of the twenties. In the fifties the company started import and sale of L'Unite Hermetique compressors and other refrigeration components. The company acted both as installer and wholesaler until the beginning of the sixties. From that time the company has consentrated on wholesale of refrigeration components to installers in Norway.

Magne Akre-Aas
Magne Akre-Aas took over after Sigurd. He was in the business for about 45 years. He developed the company from a small installation company to what it is today, the largest privately owned wholesaler of refrigeration components in Norway.

John Akre-Aas
John Akre-Aas represents the third generation of the family. He entered the company in 1989, both as stock-holder and in the daily work. John Akre-Aas holds university degree in refrigeration engineering and is member of the both ASHRAE and The (British) Institute of Refrigeration. John has been the man. dir. of the company for the last 20 years.

Moderne Kjøling anno 2016
The company has a workforce of 34 persons and an annual turnover (2015) of over NOK 155 mill. (approximately 16,6 million Euro). The company is located in a warehouse of approx. 4700 m2 in the industrial center of Oslo, and is also represented with a branch office  in Trondheim. The present range of products cover almost every part of the commercial range of refrigeration and air-conditioning components.

The following products are presently in the shelves:

  • Dorin semihermetic compressors
  • L'Unite Hermetique compressors
  • Copeland Scroll and semihermtic compressors and condensing units
  • Danfoss and Maneurop compressors and condensing units
  • Heat exchangers from Friga-Bohn, Walter Roller and SWEP
  • Refrigeration controls from Johnson Controls, Danfoss, Eliwell, Dixell & Theben
  • Refrigeration line components from Danfoss, Carly and Alco
  • Copper tubes and fittings from Mueller Brass USA, and Wieland
  • Armacell insulation
  • AC and heat pump installation equipment from Tecnosystemi
  • Fermod cold room shelves and fasteners.
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